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Maine Mature Driver Program

Maine Mature Driver Improvement Course

Mature Driver Course Maine

Save money every month

This Maine mature driver program allows you to get a discount on your car insurance every month in an easy and convenient way. This entire course is done online, so all you need to access it is a computer with a basic internet connection. This enables you to work from the comfort of your own home when it’s convenient for you, rather than having to rearrange your schedule to accommodate it.


This online course is approved throughout your state by the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety, which means it fulfills all the requirements that are needed to get a discount on your insurance rate for 3 whole years. You must be at least 55 years to take this course and after your 3 years are up, we will email you a reminder to take the refresher course and renew it for another 3 years!

Maine mature driver improvement course price

We keep the price so low for this Maine mature driver course because it doesn’t make sense to charge you tons of money when you’re working to save money. This price is all-inclusive too, so what you pay upfront is all that you will ever be charged; we have a no hidden fees guarantee. There are a lot of different payment options online, so you can decide which one will be best for you.

Designed For Your Success

This Maine Mature Driver Course Online specifically designed to meet the requirements of mature drivers.

  • easy-to-read lessons.
  • informative animations
  • simple-to-pass multiple-choice chapter quizzes
  • user friendly course materials and navigations
Maine mature driver training

Course information

There are 6 units that make up this Maine mature driver improvement course and each one is a combination of reading and interactive animations to keep you entertained. At the end of each unit is 10 multiple-choice questions from the chapter, so you can take a moment to review all the material.

Work at your own pace

There is no time limit on this Maine mature driver program, which allows you to work on it at your own speed. You can come and go as you please and take a break anytime you want.

Guaranteed to pass

The final exam for this course consists only of 25 multiple-choice questions that have been taken right out of the course material and since you can take it as many times as you need, there’s no pressure because you’re guaranteed to pass the course and get your discount!